Vedder Transport Rail Car Transloading

Bulk Liquid / Dry Rail Car Transloading

Does your company require bulk product handling services beyond tank truck transport?

Vedder Transport offers customers a bulk distribution solution with multi-modal efficiencies. Our food grade transloading facilities provide a cost effective pipeline between shippers and their customers. Rail-to-Truck Transloading expands our customer’s markets. It also enables our customers to store product closer to the end user, thereby allowing for quicker reaction times, and increased customer satisfaction. Vedder Transport is the Leader in providing shippers the economic benefit of long distance rail transportation with the reliability of final delivery by tank truck.

Served by major railroads, regional rail carriers and short lines, Vedder Transport’s facilities and services can accommodate virtually any logistics requirement. At Vedder Transload, multi carrier rail service to this state-of-the-art, 90-railcar facility offers customers competitive options including:

Bulk Liquid Railcar Transloading
  • Intra facility railcar switching
  • Direct railcar to tank truck transloading
  • Temperature controlled storage
  • Custom product blending
  • Heating of sweetener products in rail cars
  • Loading and unloading to intermediate bulk containers
  • Dry product transfer and storage
  • Product sampling and analysis
  • Certified truck scales
  • Food grade only bulk tank wash services