Corporate Biggest Loser Challenge

At the vedder transportation group. We invest in our people.

The Health and Safety Committee back in Feb of this year started the Biggest Loser Challenge! This was to promote health and safety amongst our employeeís and to challenge two teams to see who would be the biggest loser! Last year we had 30 participants that lost a combined weight of almost 250 pounds. This year we have added a ìteamî twist to the challenge and broke it up into two teams for the challenge.

20 People had signed up! There was a total weight loss of 161.4lbs!! Only .14% separated the two teams in total % of weight loss. Team 1 was just 3.2lbs off the mark!!

Pretty amazing numbers below:

Team 1:
"Diminishing Returns"

Starting Weight: 2232.0 pounds
Ending weight: 2148.90 pounds
Total Loss: 83.1 pounds
Loss Percentage: 3.72%

The 10 team members lost a combined 83.10 pounds, averaging 8.31 pounds per person. Kenny K lost 18 total pounds, the most on his team! Great job Ken!! Sheldon lost 7% of his starting body weight, the highest percentage on his team! Awesome job Sheldon!!

Team 2:
"You'll be seeing less of us"

Starting Weight: 2029.6 pounds
Ending Weight: 1951.3 pounds
Total Loss: 78.3 pounds
Loss Percentage: 3.86%

The 9 team members lost a combined 78.30 pounds, averaging 8.7 pounds per person. Vereena ìJennyî Fraser carried the team to victory losing 24.2 total pounds, the most of any competitor, 10.94% of her starting body weight! Awesome job V!


Biggest Loser: Vereena

Health and Safety Committee

Walking Club!!

Our Health and Safety committee are excited to bring you the Walking Club once again!

Begins: Wed June 1st, 2016
Ends: Fri Sept 2nd, 2016

Where: Lunch work...get out of your desk and go for a walk RAIN OR SHINE!

There will be a sign up sheet at Vereena's desk

You have from June 1st till Sept 2nd to get your 45 walks at 30 mins each walk. Once you have reached the 1350mins you will be rewarded with a $50.00 gift card from Sportscheck!

Thanks! Happy Walking!!